Sunday, January 31, 2010

First Snow of The New Year

It all started on Thursday night with rain and icy conditions. We woke up to snow on Friday morning and it didn't stop snowing until well into the evening. The kids were so excited about the winterwonderland. They didn't waste any time getting dress to play in the snow.
The kids made snowangles, snow fort, snow man, and help shovel the driveway.
Even Daddy got busy playing in the snow.
Everyone help build this awesome snow fort. Leroy help dig a tunnel thru the snow igloo. The kids had a blast crawling thru the tunnel. Afterwards...Leroy decided it was best to destory the igloo in fear someone could get trapped inside the igloo. The kids had a blast jumping up and down on top of the igloo. All three boys ended up getting stuck in the igloo. Landon and Logan feets were just dangling.
This reminded me of a time...when I was younger. We made an igloo. We spent all day making it with my father and my sister Jenny. It was awesome. A real igloo. Well, someone came by and destory it. Oh!!!!! that wasn't a nice thing to do.
A wonderful weekend.

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Schoen Family said...

Looks like a ton of fun in the snow. I remember the one year we built a snow fort.