Saturday, January 9, 2010

Major Breakthrough

My little boy is a wonderful little guy full of energy and a very short attention span. I have struggled forever how to help him. Sitting down and attempting to sit down and do any sort of project is a challenge. The little guy can't seem to sit still for anything. Well, I decided this try to work with him....The little guy is five and half...I really want him to learn all of his ABC's and 123's. We were on the couch working on his Abeka workbooks. I was sitting there singing to him nursery rhymes. I had just finished singing to him "Baa Baa Black Sheep" when he asked me to keep singing to him because it gave him more attention. I couldn't believe it. He used the word "ATTENTION!" Now, he only knows a couple of nursery rhymes. I decided to sing "Baa, Baa..." and I would randomly left words out and left it up to him to fill them in. It totally worked. He was able to finish several of workbook pages while I was singing to him. So, I need to find my nursery rhyme books and cd's. Logan would really benefit learning some new rhymes and hopefully this will be the trick in helping build up his attention span.


Schoen Family said...

That's awesome Logan! I hope this will help him with his learning development.

Teaching Heart Mom said...

keep up the good work with your son. he will come along!