Friday, January 1, 2010

Last Night of 2009

Ringing In The New Year


No, we didn't stay up until Midnight to ring in the New Year. We decided to have a early celebration with the kids. We started off by reading this book called "Dumpling Soup". The book is about how a Korean family celebrates the New Year in Hawaii. As some of you know, we use to live in Hawaii. So, this book really fun for us to read. The book is written about real people that actually live in Hawaii. A fun read about true actual traditions. In hawaii, they really celebrate the New Year with a BIG BANG! The fireworks last literally all night long.

We managed to eat a nice stirfry dinner with the kids...We finished the night by ringing in the new year with a small firework show. I really have to give props to Leroy. He really wasn't feel'n good but he still went outside to light off all of the fireworks!
Leah was terrified of the sparker. As soon as it was lighted she freaked out. She ended up spending the rest of the night watching from the kitchen window.
Landon twirling and twisting his sparklers!

Logan really loves fireworks but he didn't when he was little!

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