Friday, January 22, 2010

Color Purple

This week we have been learning all about the letter "P" and Color Purple. I decided it would be fun to read a couple of different books about the color purple.

The Purple Coat By Amy Hest

Book Review:
We started off by reading this Reading Rainbow Book called The Purple Coat by Amy Hest. As a parent I really appreciate the lessons that this book has to offer ... teaching children and their parents that trying something NEW can be rewarding. Going against tradition and discovering new things is an adventure for Gabrielle in this beautifully illustrated tale. This is a long and wordie book so it would be best for five and up.

Activity: Logan painted his very own purple coat to along with the story.

Sally and The Purple Socks by Lisze Bechtold

Book Review:

We enjoyed reading this super cute book about a duck name Sally that ordered a special pair of purple socks. The socks arrive but are much to small for Sally's feet but she notices on the side of the box that the socks will fit to the size order. The socks keep on growing but they grow to an outrageous size. Eventually, the socks strink back to the prefect size for Sally's feet. The illustration's are great and the story is very simple. This book is prefect for preschoolers.


Logan cut out several different sizes of socks from Small, Large and Small again just like in the book. Logan cut out the socks and Leah pasted them onto paper. Logan came up with a great idea of putting the socks in the correct order like in the book.

Logan busy cutting out socks!

Leah glued the socks onto the paper. As you can tell she did an interesting job. The socks kinda look like letter "J's".

Painting Activity:

I really wanted the kids to paint with grapes but we didn't have any in the fridge. So, we used cotton balls. The kids dip their cotton balls into the purple paint to make grapes on construction paper. We painted a stem and part of a vine on each painting for the finishing touch. Remember...grapes would make this activity really messy and fun.

The Final Project:
I decided to tie this activity with the letter and color of the week. Logan painted a Letter "P" with Purple paint to pull it together. Logan knows the name of the color, the sound and name the letter "P" make and I'm happy to report a successfully week.

Next weeks Lesson:
We will be learning all about the letter "U" and the color blue! We will be reading Jane Brett's book called the "Umbrella".

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