Thursday, January 7, 2010

Goal Setting

Yes, we're on our fourth snow day for the new year. I decided it would be fun for the kids to set goals for themselves for the new year. We started off with Landon tracing all the numbers of the new year on construction paper. Logan still thinks it's 2009...We sat down for a few moments and talked about each number in the new year and what each number means in the new year. I hope that makes sense. Landon wanted to write and trace out all of the numbers for the new year. All three kids were able to cut out all of their own numbers for the new year!

Landon trace and cut out his own set of numbers

Fine motor skills at work...she cut out the number one all by herself.
After the kids were done cutting out their numbers...we decided to tape them up to display the new year 2010! I decided the next step would be for the kids to come up with one goal for the new year. I decided for our family it would be a good idea to keep the goals simple and to let the kids come up with their own goals. After each child...decided on a goal...we took pictures and we tape up the goals to remind us thru out the year of the goals we have set for the year!

Leah's goal for the new year is to be a good girl. As you can see from the picture...this little girl is a fighter...We call her little miss rough and tough for a reason.

Logan's goal is "to be the best he can be!" I really wanted his goal to be about learning his ABC's and learning how to read but he thinks that's boring. Oh, this child! Learning has to be fun or he wouldn't have anything to do with it. Also, learning self control would be another good goal.

As some of you know, Landon ran in his first 5k race about two months ago. Landon is excited for the new year of running. He wants to be even faster than next time. He would like to reach his goal of running it under 30 minutes.

On this day, last year...I decided to set a goal of losing weight. I started off at 148 pounds and had a goal of reaching 130 pounds in one year. I'm proud to announced...I exceeded my goal. I lost a total of 20 pounds. I did lose more weight but I ended up putting some of it back on. I decided this year to focus on being healthy and not so much about dieting. It's all about making long lasting healthy life decisions...being healthy is not a short term goal but a lifestyle change.

I hope all of my kids are happy and successful with all of their goals for the year 2010. I'm not to much of planner but I think it's important to take the time to reflect on the past year and to look forward to the new year.


Katie said...

I love how you took a picture of each child with their resolution. It will be a nice thing to look back on in years to come.

Melissa: Mother to 3 Little Sprouts said...

What a great idea! I love the good girl one!

Emily Larkin said...

Awesome! What happened to Leah? We need to hang. Sorry I haven't called I have been very anti phone lately.

lara said...

Leah decided to goof around on the potty at the library. She somehow managed to fall off the potty and hit her head on the edge of the tp holder.

Ya, we need to get together maybe once it starts to thaw out.