Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Last week, I took the kids and a friend to Hobbs State Park. The weather decided to warm up and it was a prefect day for an outdoor adventure. The weather is able to turn cold again:) I really can't wait for spring to get here.

2. If you want more information on the trip to Hobbs State Park...just scroll down the page. The kids had a complete blast hiking, learning about the Civil War, and exploring the grounds of the War Eagle mill which had it's dam blown up during the Civil War. Very interesting stuff.

3. I discovered a program at the State Park to become a Master Naturalist. This seem to be the prefect fit for me. I love being outside and decided it would be a good direction to take my life. The kids are getting older and I have a little bit more freedom. I decided it would be nice to be able to tell the kids more stuff about the great outdoors. The kids are natural curious.

4. I already attended my first session. It's like being back in College but no final exams. I have nine more sessions to attend, plus I have to do 40 hours of Volunteer work and 8 hours of advance training to get my Certified Arkansas Naturalist.

5. My main to get a children's program up and running for children in the Bella Vista area. Two other woman in the group want to set up the same thing...I'm not sure how this is going to all come about but I'm sure The Lord will guide me.

6. I'm also thinking about joining the Stream Team which involves going down to Tanyard Creek and running samples and test on the quality of the water. I will be learning more about this in the up coming weeks.

7. Logan has finally learned his more step towards getting ready for "K".

8. Landon just received his report and the little guy received all straight "A"s" but I'm not surprised. His teacher is starting to give him Second Grade work.

9. Leah is adjusting to Sunbeams. She still wants to go back to Nursery because she still wants to play with toys. This week, she didn't throw a fit about going to primary. She went right into Primary and sat down with her class. She's growing up way too fast. My baby is growing up to my big girl.

10. I'm teaching a class at Enrichment this week. We're expecting bad weather on Thursday. I'm going ahead and preparing for the class anyways. I'm going to be teaching how to make fun and easy Valentine's treat. I planned on making Hersey kisses on pretzels. I managed to get a bad batch of Hersey's kisses. The kisses wouldn't get soft they only would get dried out. Chocolate isn't cheap. I called the consumer hotline and placed my complaint. The lady said that sometimes it just happens. The kisses appeared to be old but the expiration date was Aug 2010. At first she didn't believe me but I just bought them at the store. Hersey's is mailing me a coupon. So, if you ever run into this problem...Don't be a afraid to call. They will compensate you.

11. Also, I'm going to be flying up to Chicago during the last week of March. It will be fun to have some time by myself and I can't wait to see my sister's baby.

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