Monday, January 4, 2010

Learning To Listen

My friend called me this afternoon to ask we if wanted to meet them at Metfield to go sledding. The kids were so excited. This would be a first time for the kids. We don't own any boots, snow pants, or sleds but decided it would be fun to go. I thought my friend said "Metfiled Park". Well, we made it to the park but they weren't there. I thought it was strange but she's always running late. Well, one hour later and no friends. We decided to drive over to her house. Well...I look over and we see them at Metfield Golf Course. Opps...Next time I need to take the time to actually listen. I felt so bad we were late. So, if your looking for a really fun hill go to the Metfield Country Club.

Also, becuase we don't own any proper gear we were using lids from our rubbermaid containers which didn't work out to well. Landon thought it would be fun to go down the slide on top of the lid. Check out the video...I'm surprised he didn't get hurt.

Here's a video of Logan going down the "big" hill not so big but big for Bella Vista. This was a first moment for Logan...He was nervous at first but it didn't last long.

Oh, yes...the kids have another snow day. I guess we will be headed back tomorrow for some more sledding with friends!

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