Sunday, January 24, 2010

A little confused...


I have one child that can memorize anything in a matter of minutes. He learned his birthday, address, and phone number without really putting any effort into it. Logan on the other hand, seems to have a really hard time with this concept of memorizing stuff. We're slowly working on learning his ABC's and 123's. It's amazing how different two kids can be. One of the things that his preschool wants the kids to know before entering "K" is there personal information. They kinda work on it at school. Here's how the preschool teaches the kids to learn their stuff. They go around in a circle and the teacher ask the kids what's your phone number. Now, if the child knows his or her number she says it outloud if the child doesn't know the number. The teacher will read their number to them. I think this method worked great for Landon because I don't recall ever working with him to learn all of his personal information. Does this work for Logan..."NO!" Every time they ask him a question he just says he doesn't know. Well, over Christmas break they wanted us to work with our kids to help them memorize their information. I tired a couple of times over xmas break but Logan had no interest at all. So, I decided not to push it.

Well, "K" readiness screening is starting up again. Of course, Logan doesn't know any of his information. I started to panick. Well, Leroy managed to set up the trampoline for the kids to bounce on. I came up with a great idea. I read somewhere that kids with ADHD do really well if they can jump or move around while learning things. Now, I'm not saying my son has ADHD. I do know that his very active and has a short attention span. So, we both went out to the trampoline and I had him repeat his birthday over and over again. Now, I have tried in the past to work with him sitting down but he hated it. Too boring but he loved repeating his birthday while jumping on the trampoline.

Slowly but surely he started to get his birthday but he kept saying his birthday was on August 25! I'm not sure where he got this date from but that's not his birthday. So, the past three days we have been working on getting his birthday memorized. I had my first training meeting on Saturday. I told him to work on learning his birthday. I told him if he could tell me his correct birthday...I would bring him home a special treat a sucker.

Well, I made it home and he was able to tell me his correct birthday. If you check out the videos...Logan today gave me the incorrect birthday but on the second try he got it right. I'm going to keep working with him. Jumping and being active helps him to focus. I'm not sure if that's the correct connection but I'm going to do some more research on the subject!

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