Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Letter P

I decided to recommit myself to teach Logan's his ABC's. I have tried in the past but he had zero interest. I decided it wasn't worth pushing him into something he wasn't interested in. I made the big decision to get him on track for "k" in the fall. I decided to not sure in the beginning but we are going to change up the whole order. We started today with the letter "P"!

Logan loves to use his hands...So, playdoh starts with the letter "P" which mean a playdoh learning activity. Logan and Leah cut out letter "p's" with my cookie cutter letters.

I asked Logan several different questions about the letter "P" what sound does it make? What different things start with the letter "p". I'm happy to report he knows the sound the letter "P" makes! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go, Logan!

After cutting out all the letter "P's" we went on alphabet hunt. We search all over the house for objects that start with the letter "P". Logan and Leah came up with Pineapple, pumpkin, pussy cat, pony, purple color candy, pig, and popcorn.

Look at all those P's...The kids did an awesome job. The next activity was learning how to write the letter P. I made a salt tray for Logan to learn how to write the letter P. He needed help with his activity. I wrote down the big P and little p for him to trace in salt using a paint brush.

Logan did get at this activity. The little guy is really growing up fast. Keeping it fun is the key for Logan to be successful!

The best part of the lesson was reading this book called "This Little Pig". I felt confident that Logan might be able to read the word PIG. I sat him down and we slowly worked on sounding out the word PIG. We slowly read the word like this PPPPPPPPPPPPPP IIIIIIIIIIIII GGGGGGGG, we started off sounding it sound seperate and slowly. Than, I told him to say it faster and faster. Sure enough he read the word all by himself.
Mom...doing the happy dance.
That's right...Logan read his very first word!!!!!!!!!!
Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cindy said...

what a great activity! Way to go, Logan!