Saturday, January 9, 2010

"The Snowman" by Logan

I discovered Logan with a bunch of paper and the stapler. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was making his own book. I suggested that he should write his own book. He promplty told me he doesn't know how to write. I explain to him that you don't need to write anything to tell a can just draw pictures.

Logan wrote his name on the front of the book. I was amazed how much he knows about books. He knows the author's name going on the front. I gave him the suggestion of writing a book about a snowman. I looked outside and noticed its finally starting to melt. So, I gave him the idea about making a book about a melting snowman.

He ended up drawing all the pictures. He wanted to use a pink color pencil which is why it's so hard to see. I really didn't have anything to do with the pictures. I was shocked to see that on every page of the book he made a smaller and smaller drawing of a snowman. He finished it up with a puddle of water.

I helped him write "puddle of water"...The little guy doesn't care to write his letters.

After we were done with the book...He asked me to write "the end" at the back of the book.

The Snowman by Logan S.

The first page has a nice big snowman!
The snowman is getting smaller with each page turned.

Even smaller...He has another page with an even smaller snowman.

The snowman has finally melted into a puddle of water. I suggested we write "puddle of water" becuase his puddle kinda look like the bottom of a snowman. Just so there was any confusion.
Once, Logan was done with the book. He demanded that I write "The End" on the last page of the book which ended up being the back cover of the book.
One very proud little boy...He loves pictures books maybe one day he will grow up to write his own books.

Here's the nursey rhyme I'm going to teach Logan to go with his new book!

Sing to the tune of “Where is Thumbkin"

Where is snowman?
Where is snowman?

Here I am!
Here I am!

How are you today, Sir?
Very well,I thank you!
Melt away!
Melt away!


Schoen Family said...

Good job buddy!

Serena said...

Great job Logan!! I can't wait to see your book! You are a great illustrator!