Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Product Review

Don't waste your money on this game. It was a complete disappointed. There's a good reason why this game is on clearance. I thought it would be a fun game for the kids. Logan and Leah are still learning their colors. Logan still gets red and green mixed up. It's a new verison of Candy Land...some things should not be mess with...The original game is thousand times better.

My biggest issue with this game is the game path pieces don't stay connected. Setting up the forever and it's a lot harder than it looks. Also, everytime someone would get up to spin and move their game piece the whole game board path would come apart. A complete pain in the butt.

I couldn't wait for the game to end. Never again. Does anyone want this...I don't think I will attempt to set it up again.

Somethings should not be changed...classic CandyLand board game is way better than piece of junk.

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