Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Counting and more

Taken charge of his own education. Logan announced he was going to make his own counting activity. He cut up small pieces of paper and wrote down the numbers from 1-5. He decided to use some small conversion hearts would make for some good counters. The little guy line up the numbers in order from left to right. The little guy did a good and counted out the correct amount of hearts with each number. I decided to write out the rest of the numbers to 10. Logan redid the whole activity.

Trampoline therapy is working out great. While jumping on the trampoline Logan learned his phone number. I was repeating it over and over to him while we were jumping together on the tramp. I was surprised when he told me to stop telling him the numbers because he knew it. Sure enough, he repeated his whole phone number. The little guy is so proud of himself. Talk about his confidence level is thru the roof right now. Logan called daddy and told him the big news. Daddy will be bring him home a treat.


Fiona said...

You have such goood ideas. There are so many wonderful ideas on these blogs like yours.
How do you manage to be so organised though to fit everything in?

lara said...

I don't plan out anything in advance. I do everything by the seat of my pants. Also, my house is always a wreck.