Friday, February 26, 2010

The Missing Money

Due to schedule conflicts...I decided to attend Landon's concert dress rehearsal. If you watch the video...his in the front row with a red shirt. I thought it was strange he wasn't wearing a cooper t-shirt like all the other kids.

Landon did a really good job but he refused to sing. Leroy said at the evening show that he did sing. After the dress rehearsal, we went up to tell him he did a good job. Well...tears started to come out of his eyes because he didn't receive a t-shirt. Well, I headed off to look for his teacher to figure out what happen.

Landon's teacher claim she never received his order form or money for the t-shirt. I couldn't believe it. I remember filling out the paper work and putting the money in an envelope to take to school. Landon decided to use is own money to buy the t-shirt. I couldn't figure the money didn't make to his teacher.

Landon's teacher said she had never seen Landon so upset before at school. She felt really bad about him not getting a shirt. So, she gave him her t-shirt to wear to the concert. Well, the t-shirt ended up going all the day down to the floor but Landon was happy:}

Well, I started to think about it. Where did the money go? I had a moment and decided to check his backpack. Landon found the envelope in the bottom of his backpack. Somehow, it managed to fall out of his folder and Landon didn't realize it.

So, I had Landon before the concert give back his teacher's t-shirt and Landon wore his black sweatshirt to the concert.

Lesson learned...make sure to email teacher to make sure she received the money.

Here's a short video from concert.

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