Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ten for Tuesday

1. I already blog about it a lot but I managed to successful plan Landon's class party. I'm not sure if I want to do that ever again but I decided it was time to work on not being so shy. I really pushed myself...the end result was a super fun party.

2. The Valentine's Day bean bag game is still holding up. After two parties...I thought for sure it would of fallen apart at this point. Leah had fun showing Grandma Scheele how to throw the bean bags into the box.

3. Grandma Scheele came over Sat. night to watch the kids. Leroy and I decided to get dress up and go out to eat for dinner. Leroy decided to take me to a new Italian resturarate but nothing sounded good so we decided to leave and head over to Red Lobster. Well, we spent 30 minutes at the first resturatian, 45 minutes waiting at Red Lobster which turned out fine waiting becuase I wasn't even hungry when we left to go out to eat. We ended up being seated in the bar area which weren't too happy about. It wasn't long and we had random people seating right next to us and on the chairs across our table. Red lobester was packed. The manager felt bad about it. They eventaully asked everyone to move. They gave us free cheesecake and cokes. Leroy's lobster was overcooked so they brought us out a take home box with some fresh cook lobster. It turned out super yummy. So, a crazy and strange evening turned out great in the end.

4. Saturday...I went back to Hobbs State Park for more training. I learned all about soil, kaurst (which are limestone caves and sink holes), and how early settlers used the local landscape. It was all very interesting.

5. I also learned whats in our drinking watering after its been treated. It's a really long and gross list of items everything from prescription drugs, pesticides, detergents, and a ton of other stuff.

6. I decided to get back into running. I have managed to get a lot of running in. I'm really looking for the weather to warm up. It's not fun to run in the cold. My legs are literally frozen by the end of my runs.

7. Leah still claims she's not a young ladies. This is Leah "I'm not a lady...I'm Eh(Leah)" She still has a hard time with her "L"sounds.

8. We're done painting the downstairs room.

9. The weather is still freezing cold outside. We had a lot of snow flurries but nothing is sticking to the ground. We're expected in a couple of days for the weather to warm up to 50 degrees.

10. This week...I'm trying to stick close to home and get the house clean up. I did managed to pull out the stove and fridge. Everything is now nice clean. You can't image how much dirt you will find under both of those applicances.

11. I'm currently to read the BOM in 60 days. I only have 24 more days to go before reaching my goal. Wish me luck. I have never finished reading it in such a short time period. It's hard but it's going to be worth it in the end.

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banananutmeg said...

I'd be interested in hearing more about what's in our water. gross!