Thursday, February 11, 2010

v-day class party

Landon's v-day class party!

I decided to break up the kids into three different groups and rotate them between three different stations. The first station was for a game called "RED HOT". The kids pass around a heart bean bag that I made and it look super cute. The kids pass the heart around until the music stop. Who ever was left holding the heart was out of the game. To prevent kids from crying. The child left holding the heart was given the special job of holding their eyes closed and pushing the button on the cd player to stop the music. No crying and lots of fun!

The next station was a bean bag toss...Logan was helping me with this task. He was in charge of passing out the game prizes.
Landon's using one of his moves he learned from the movie Karate Kid. The bird crane move? What was it called again in the movie...I can't seem to recall.
Here's the real crazy part...passing out the v-day cards. Oh, one more thing...the kids had to guess how many candy hearts were in a jar. Landon ended up winning this game. I hope the kids didn't feel like Landon cheated. I really was hoping someone else would win. I regroup the kids back to the front of the classroom for a v-day book reading. After the book...the kids got busy passing out their cards.
A boy in Landon's class decided to give Logan a v-day card. Logan was so shocked. Later on...Logan stated that the boy gave him the wrong card because it had a different name on it. The name on the card was "G I JOE"! Logan didn't know what that was but it did make for a cute story.

Landon busy passing out his cards.

I was a little bit late taking this picture but Landon just gave his teacher a v-day card. Also, on the teachers desk we had all of the food set up and the siblings at that table eating their snacks. His teacher had her bag on the desk. I was busy with the party not paying to much attention to her when I noticed she was going thru several v-day cards and bags. Opps...she thought those cards and treats were for her...opps!

Oh, wouldn't be a school party without a mouth full of blue dye from the cupcakes.
Overall..the party was a complete success and I'm not sure if I want to do that again!

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Barbara said...

It looks like the party was a great success! I am with Barbara now which is why I am able to write to you. They have over 45 inches of snow here. It is incredible to see. I will be home tonight with Jenny. You might call Dad he is lonely without all of us around. Mom