Thursday, February 11, 2010

Heart Attack

Wow,I can't believe I was stressing out about Landon's class party. Some talk some sense into me next time. I was completely freaking out. The party was a huge success. I will post pictures later on. I didn't get a chance to take too many pictures becuase I was so busy running the party.

I drop off Logan with the bean bag game at the front of the school. Of course, no close parking spots available. Leah and I walked in with several bags full of stuff. I wasn't sure how we were going to get the game inside. This box is huge! Luckily, Maddox's mom noticed Logan standing with the box and offered to help carry it inside for me. Great...Heavenly Father does answer my prayers.

You should of seen the reactions of the kids when we walked into the classroom with the bean bag toss. The kids eyes were about to pop out of their heads. The kids were so excited. Another class was in Landon's classroom due to it being too cold outside for recess. The other students were really sad they were mission out of the party. All of the kids were so like "holy cow" look at that game.

I wore my special apron again. It most of given me special powers becuase I wore it last week to enrichment when I taught my treat class. Leah was wearing her apron that I made her. No, we don't have matching aprons. I'm not that kind of mom. I don't like to dress like my kids. Anyways, I recieved a lot of compliments about the aprons.

All of the moms were awesome in helping me with the party. There's no way I could of done it by myself. Oh, I ended up with a ton of food. I was really surprised. I thought all we would pass out were cupcakes but we had cookies, more cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. It was sugar overload. The only bad part is one of the parents forgot to send in the v-day supplies. Luckily, his teacher had some leftover from the last class party.

We started off the party by playing three games. The candy count game, red hot (like hot potato) game, and Bean Bag Toss game. Landon ended up winning that game. I was so shocked when the mom handed me the winning slip and it had Landon's name. He guess 300 and the correct amount was 376!

All of the games were a huge success. The bean bag game was the biggest hit. You don't have to spend a lot of money to have a fun game. The kids were so cute to watch.

I decided after playing games it would be best to read a book to the kids to try to get them to calm down. I read to them my favorite v-day book called "One Zillion Valentines" by Frank Modell. I was surprised when the kids said they had never heard of the book before. I was so nervous. I think I turned bright red. I was so nervous. I was trying to read it loud enough for the kids and Logan kept wanting to lean on me. But at the end it was all worth. A little girl in the class came up to me and told me that was the best valentine's day book ever. She was so cute about it. Totally made my day. She totally reminded me of myself when I was little.

So, after the book. The kids went around passing out all the cards. The kids had so much fun. We ended up with a ton of food. The kids were so busy passing out their cards that hardly anyone ate any of the food. I guess next time we will ask for less food.

Well, I'm happy to report the party was a complete success. The kids had a blast. I'm not sure what I was stressing about. Landon's teacher was very happy about the whole party. I can't wait to do it again tomorrow with Logan's class party. Expect all I'm doing is the bean bag toss. I will post pictures later on.

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