Thursday, December 31, 2009

101 Tie Dye Fun

Tie Dye Spiral T-shirt
Jacquard Dye Kit Golden Yellow, Magenta, Bright Blue
100% cotton T-shirt (pre-washed)
Soda Ash-comes in the kit
rubber bands
3 squirt bottles
Plastic tub
rubber gloves
paper towels
walmart bags or gallon size zip lock bags
1. Disolve the Soda Ash in hot water in the sink. Soak cloth items for at least 20 minutes.
2. After soaking shirt for 20 minutes...wring dry and lay flat on the table. What I did is called the finger twist. You grab the center of the shirt and twist clockwise to make a tight spirl shape and bind with rubber bands.
3. Now, the fun part... I decided to contain the mess by using a shallow rubbermaid tube lined with several layers of papertowels. I would recommend starting with the lightest color. This is the order we used was yellow, blue, and end with red. You will need to dye both sides of the fabric. The colors will blend together. The yellow and blue will turn into different shades of green. The effect is very cool.

4. Make sure to squeeze the dye down into the folds of the fabric.

5. You can use a different color for each wedge or you can use different colors for the front or back side of the tshirt.

6. Even the littlest kids can do this project with close supervision. Leah decided to help herself to the dye. If you look closely at her hands. She barely has the gloves on. I tried to help her but she wasn't happy about me butting in. She ended up doing a fairly good job.

7. After applying the dye...I just wrapped the shirts into walmart bags or you could use gallon size ziplock bags. One item per don't want them to touch each other or the colors will bleed on each other.
8. Wait 24 hours...rinse the bundles in the sink until the water runs clear.
9. Take off the rubber bands.
10. Make sure to wear gloves or your hands could become turn colors.
11. Throw into the washer machine on rinse cycle.
12. Throw into the dryer.
Once done in the dryer you will have an awesome tie dye shirt.

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