Thursday, December 3, 2009

Carousel Cake

Tomorrow is the big day...Leah will be turning 3 years old. I decided this year to make her a carousel cake for her birthday. Leah and Logan both helped with the project. I don't mind having the kids help becuase I'm not a prefectionist. Leah did a great job cracking the eggs open and mixing up the cake batter. She's getting really good with her fine motor skills. She's so funny. Look at her face as she's trying to frost the cake.

Sorry, about this ulgy picture of me...Leah decided to take pictures of us frosting the cake together. Logan loves to get his hands dirty...Mr. I'm a hands on kind of boy.
Making the cake turned out to be a very easy process. I just used two circle rounds, cut off the bumps on each cake. I turned them over and frosted them together. I decorated the cake with pink and blue frosting. I also decorated a tin pie pan for the top part of the carousel. I had some left over frosting so I wrote on the cake " Happy Birthday "3" Leah".

As you can tell..I have a slight problem. The straws are not able to hold up the pie pan. Any suggestions on how to correct the problem. I still need to put on the animal cracks on the poles.

Also, I picked up those little boxes of animal crackers for the quest to take home as party favors. I can't wait to celebrate my daughters birthday. Logan claims he wants a carousel cake for his birthday next year. Silly boy...He wants his in all boy!


Serena said...

skinny wooden dowels should work. they have some about as long as straws...maybe a little longer at Wal-Mart in the craft department. They are already cut. It looks really cute. The kids seem to have a great time!

Loz said...

i use wooden skewers (designed for kebab making) when making decorative cakes....keeps all kinda things in place and easily removed...they are like long toothpicks and will fit nicely in the straws to give support.
cakes looks good btw.