Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Favorite Things...

About Leah's Birthday party!

Let the party...begin!

1., easy, and fun! The kids had a blast just running around and playing with balloons. Gotta love a party where the kids entertain themselves!

2. Kids fix'n up their own individual pizzas. Also, the dough I made for the pizza crust turned out AMAZING! The crust was soft, chewy, and oh so prefect! All I had to do was make the dough and pizza sauce. So, the kids did most of the work. Gotta love tricking the kids into helping without them realizing it.

3. This is my favorite moment of the party...Leah blowing out her birthday candles. Gotta blow my own horn...Cake turned out AWESOME! Leah looks so cute in her birthday hat!

4. Homemade French Vanilla served with birthday cake. This is the funny part...All of sudden. It become super quite in the kitchen. I looked over at the kids. No one was talking. All of the kids where to busy eating the ice cream. You know its good when everyone is eating.

5. Leah's all boy party...Well, this explains a lot why she acts like a tom boy.

6. Opening presents...Leah received a baby doll that pees, busy bee tea set, and stuffed teddy bear. I can't wait for xmas. Leah's expressions were priceless.

7. My best friend decided to get Leah this doll that goes potty. She thought it would make a prefect gift to go with all the homemade diapers that I made for her other baby dolls. Well, this is the best part of the night. Landon was holding this doll..just like in the picture. See how the baby bottom is pointed. Well, Leah decided to give it a bottle at the same time. Landon accidental squeezed on the doll and it peed all over him like a real baby would. The funny part about he didn't even realize it.

9. It wouldn't be a party without blowers!

10. We ended the night with a balloon popping contest. The little ones had the hardest time popping the balloons. JoJo couldn't do it. The little guy only weighs 20 pounds. He kept on trying to jump down on the balloon to pop it but it never happened.

11. The best part of the evening...Spending time with friends and neighbors celebrating my daughters 3rd birthday.

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Serena said...

Leah it looks like you had a great time at your party! I am sorry I missed it. I didn't get home till 6:30. Your cake and ice cream sure look YUMMY!!!

Auntie Seren