Monday, December 28, 2009

On A Cold Wintery Night

A decided to take a couple of snap shots of the family tonight. Well, the weather has finally taken a turn for the worst...Winter is finally here. I'm still hoping for it to warm up again but it might be awhile. So, this is what a typical evening looks like in our home in the evening.


At the library today...I came across Beverly Cleary book section. I remember that we had read the first two books in the Ralph series about two years ago. I'm not sure why we didn't finish the series but I decided it would be fun to read in the evening with the kids.

Ralph S. Mouse ends up going to School in this final book. Now, I'm not going to lie doing read aloud with all three kids is hard. Landon loves to be read to and will sit by myself listening to each and every word fully immersed in the book. know Logan. The Logan will wonder around but he is listening. He really likes to look at the pictures. Leah enjoys it but she likes to cause trouble. She always wants to sit on my lap and hog the book which usually leads to lots of fighting with her brothers over the book. It's not easy but I know for the fact the kids will benefit from regular read aloud session.

Independent Reading Time

Proof that reading aloud to your children will turn them into good readers and help them develop a passion for books. Yes, if you can see from this book. Landon can read a book all by himself. He decided to sit by the fire and read his chapter book. Yes, he just started to read his first ever chapter book tonight. He has read all eight chapters with zero help from me. Okay...reading and looking at books is another thing the kids like to do in the evening.

Free Play Time

Leah decided to pull out her new Melissa and Doug Cookie set. I love their all wood products. Leah and Logan are really good about pretend play. The kids decided to start up their own cookie shop.

Don't you just love the fish aprons...Okay, you can't see them very well but the kids had fun. The evenings are usually spent with these two running around chasing after each other and getting each other in trouble.
Wii Time
Finally, the night usually ends with Leroy playing with his new Wii. Landon is earning points during the day which he can turn in to play on the Wii. I'm not crazy about it but that's life.
Well, we will try to end the night with scripture reading and family prayers. I will be honest that doesn't always happen.
We don't have cable but the kids are great about entertaining themselves either with imaginary play or reading books.
Also, I remember growing up we would sit around a lot and watch lots of tv in the evening. I really don't want that for my kids. It takes a little bit of work on my part but the kids are really good about being responsible for themselves in the sense of not being bored. If they are bored its because they make the choice.
I'm going to put the kids to bed...get busy reading the Count of Monty Cristo. I'm already on chapter 5. I only have about 1,000 pages to go. I can't wait!

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