Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I decided it would be nice to spend FHE as a family watching this video called Joy To The World...I don't remember ever watching this video before but the kids ended up really enjoying it. We talked about the real meaning of Christmas being about the birth of the Savior. We also talked about Christmas is also about the fun stuff like making Gingerbread houses. It's all about balance. If you haven't seen it before this is the first installment of the video. You can go to YouTube if you want to watch the whole movie.

Landon and Logan decorating the gingerbread house together.
Almost the finished product..The kids had a blast...Leah enjoyed eating the candy right off the gingerbread house and she hasn't stop. I finally had to put the house up...It was about to be eat'n right up.
Building memories with the kids...This is the three year building a gingerbread house together.


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