Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another Xmas Craft...

Yummy homemade treats for Landon's teacher. Let's see...homemade triffles, peanut and cashew brittle, english toffee, and chocolate covered preztels sticks.
Wrapped and ready to be delivered to his teacher. I hope she appreciates all my hard work.

Last night, I had a wonderful friend teach me how to make these awesome xmas plates. I'm debating whether I should keep them for myself or give them away to my friends. Wouldn't you just love to receive a plate full of goodies on one of these plates.

p.s. all it takes is fabric, modge podge, and 8" glass plate.

If you want more details call me...I'm going to make a couple more plates but they wouldn't be made with xmas fabric.


banananutmeg said...

those are awesome! I want to make a birthday plate. How do you wash it?

lara said...

You can't put the plate in the dishwasher because the glue will come off the fabric. You can just handwash the plate carefully making sure not to wash the bottom of the plate.