Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Frozen Noses

Last year around this time of the year. We made Faux Snow and made little snowmen. I decided it would be fun to make the project again but a little bit different this time.

I came across this book called Frozen Noses by Jan Carr at the library. Leah felled right in love with this book. I could barely get it out of her hands. We started off the activity by reading this fun book about a couple of kids playing outside in the snow.

We ended up getting snow for the first time ever on Christmas Eve...we still have some snow left outside. I decided it would be fun to bring some inside. I asked the kids all kids of questions on how snow is made, where it comes from, what it tastes like and the kids made little snowman out of the snow.

After playing around with the snow...we read "Frozen Noses" by Jan Carr. Super cute prefect for younger kids.

Half way thru the book we came across this page where the children discover a snowman with coal eyes and carrot for a nose. Once we finished the book we moved on to make our Faux Snow. The thing about this project it's good for all ages. It's about science, fine motor skills, and just plain fun.

You will need:

*1 bar of Ivory soap
*1 roll of toilet paper
*a cheese grater
*a baking dish or foil roasting pan
*a medium sized bowl or container

*large measuring cup with warm water
*craft bits like pipe cleaners, felt, glitter, etc. optional

The first step in the project is to take a bar of soap must be Ivory and grate the soap up.
The next step is to take a roll of toilet paper and tear it up into little pieces...another fine motor skill and any age over 3 can easily do this part. Now, you don't need to tear up a whole roll of t.p.

The next step is to add warm water to the t.p. and grated soap. Now, this is the fun part. The kids need to use their hands to mix it up. Keep adding paper and warm water until you get the right texture that you want.
Now, keep making and adding until you get the desired firmness. It's good time to ask the kids what will happen if you add to much or little water, paper, or soap. The kids loved this part. The mixture feels really warm to touch its make for a really fun activity.
Now, the boys were suppose to make snowman but the boys decided to make their own little Antarticas. It's amazing what little boys will think up. Landon did try to make a snowman but he added too much water to his faux snow and it wouldn't hold it's shape.

Here's the snowman. It kinda looks like an overstuffed bird.
The best part is dressing up the snowman...We used left over xmas candy for buttons, I cut up a carrot for a nose, googley eyes, and pom pom for a hat.


Teaching Heart Mom said...

Super cute ideas here! I enjoy reading your blog. I gave you an award over at my blog. Thanks!

~Sara said...

Ohh I love this. I may have to try this. Thanks for the great directions. Looks like so much fun!

Fiona said...

hello there! Great blog! We had the recipe for this but it called it clean mud. I was pretending it was snow though!

Deidre said...

just wondering if this will harden so the children can keep it??