Monday, October 20, 2008

Ghost, Pumpkin, Bat, and Cat!!!!

Its a cookie decorating party!!!!

Today, Logan and I made sugar cookie cutouts and homemade frosting. I invited the nieghbor and her kids over for a halloween cookie decorating party. So, all the kids got off the bus and I was like come over for some fun. The kids were so excited they ended up having a blast. They don't get too many fun things at home. My neighbor is soooo funny. She was like did you make the frosting? I was like "yes". Anyways, maybe you just had to be there to understand how funny is sounded. Logan kept on licking the knifes so I had to keep grabbing them from him and washing them off. Gross!!! I played "Wee Sing Halloween" cd in the back ground and the kids had a good time.

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