Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lake Ann

It turned out to be an awesome day clear skies and warm weather. Leroy wanted to take us all out on the boat. We all climb aboard our little motor boat and took off for a nice ride on Lake Ann. Lake Ann is located right behind our house so it was a short drive to the boat ramp! We weren't on the boat for very long when Logan said he wanted to watch the dolphins jump out of the water. Oh, sorry kid no dolphins in Arkansas. Poor kid was thinking about Gulf Shores when we went on our dolphin cruise. Leah almost flip herself out of the boat a couple of times. The kids were all leaning over the side of the boat trying to touch the water. I thought we were going to lose a couple of kids at different times. We did see a couple of birds: 3 herons, one duck, and two dozen turkey vultures. When we finally made it back to the boat dock. Landon decided it would be real fun to be loudmouth bass. Yes, he was being loud and annoying. We just got back home and the kids are taking baths. We are going to watch the new spiderwick movie for family movie nite!

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