Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin and Orange Week-Part 2

If Logan can get his chore chart done this morning? We are going to use several of these ideas at Hummingbirded. I'm hoping we will be able to make pumpkin smelling playdoh and learn the five little pumpkin song. I really want to try her SQUISH ART PUMPKIN idea as well for art! I will try to post the pictures later on this evening.

Squish Art Pumpkin

Logan loved this art project. Logan used two different colors to make his pumpkin art. He used yellow and orange. I helped him fold the paper in half and told him to drop the paint on one side of the paper. I had him press the paper together and pull it apart. He was so shocked to see the other side of the paper had paint on it. He seriouslly couldn't figure out. Poor kid...

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