Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Real Men Know How to Sew!

Ha,Ha! Yes, my little man is learning how to sew. A couple of months ago, I taught the boys how to sew pillows. Landon especially, really enjoyed using the sewing machine. The kids are always willing to jump in and help me with my projects. I finally decided I make the kids customes for Halloween. The past couple of years, I had been wanting to make the kids customes but would always buy them at Walmart at the last minute. I just realized my little man just turned SIX!!!! It wouldn't be long and he wouldn't want a homemade outfit. So, I went to several different stores and purchased the materials to the make customes. We are going to use the Wizard of Oz theme. I thought the kids had seen the movie but Landon informed me I just read them the chick-a-flia version of Wizard of Oz. I'm going to see if I can rent the movie from the library unless someone had a dvd of the movie. Leah is going to Dorothy, Landon is going to be Tin Man, and Logan is going to be Scarecrow. I just finsihed Logan custome last night. Jenny is coming over tonight to help me with Leah's Customes. Its not easy but its going to be worth all the fun memories. The kids are super excited. Its been stressful around the house so please don't remind me about "Halloween Express". I'm going to try to get all the customes down by this weekend!

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Emily Larkin said...

You should get the original Wizard of Oz, I just finished it and loved it. The boys might like to read the whole series, He wrote like 15 books. Max is going as a lion this Halloween so we totally need to get together for group shots.