Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008-A Year In Review

January-Beginning of this year, I decided to take a new approach with my kids. We started our great journey about educating ourselves. I decided to start working with my kids and teaching them life skills. Landon and I started to work on a simple crossstich pattern of trigger and friends. We also, ended up sewing pillows and the kids learned how to wash dishes and clothes.
Landon and Lara
This was a quiet month. We finally had our first snowfall. This was Leah's first experience with snow. She was so curious and sweet. I just love this picture. Leah
Auntie Jenny was brave enough to take the boys ice staking at the Jones Center! This was Logan's first time ever ice staking. If I remember correctly he tried to ice stake by himself.
Logan, Auntie Jenny,and Landon
This month we did several fun activities to celebrate Easter. Logan ended up winning a huge Easter basket at the Bella Vista POA Easter Egg Hunt. Auntie Jenny and I took all the kids to a huge horse show down in Fayetteville. Leah almost flipped herself right into the arena. Luckily, we caught her just in time.
This was a super busy month! Landon graduated from preschool. Auntie Jenny and I took the kids to The Castle in Muskogee, OK. We ended up spending the day at the castle enjoying the recenissence fair. We took our big trip out East.We drove all the way from Arkansas to Maryland and back. It was a great trip. Everyone had a great time. I turned the big 30!!!!!!!!!

We finally made it back home the beginning part of June. This is a picture of Leah eating an icecream at a civil war site in TN. After, our big trip we took the rest of the month at home! We spent a lot of time swimming at the pool. Also, when we came back from our big trip. Leroy finally agreed to cut off the cable. Its been the best thing for our family. We are so much closer. We read more, play more outside, and spend more time doing quality activities.
We decided to take a mini trip to Devil's Den with another family from church. We still spent a lot of time fishing and swimming at the pool. Mostly, relaxing and enjoying the hot summer weather. Also, we ended up celebrating two birthdays on the fourth of july-Leroy Sr and Leroy Jr. Landon was able to attend Mad Scientist Camp. He was able to shoot of his very own rocket that he made at the camp.

This turned out to be a huge month for our family. The boys turned six and four! They ended up having a huge birthday party. Landon started Kindergarten and Logan started preschool. I'm still teaching the kids at home. You would be amazed how little they learn while away at school all day.

The boys both started playing soccer! We ended up taking our big trip to Gulf Shores, AL. Yes, this is a picture of me sitting on a real alligator. Leroy and I celebrated 10 years of marriage.

October We had another great month. I decided to go ahead and make all the customes for the kids for Halloween. We went with the Wizard of Oz theme.

My parents came out for Thanksgiving. We had a really nice visit. My inlaws held a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. We also inherted my sister's cat. The newest addition to our family. The poor cat provides mom lots of unconditional love.

Leah just turned two years old! The hulk costume suits her personality. The poor kid can take a beating and still come out of it with her head up. She's little miss rough and tought.We had a very big family reunion and christmas get together.


Anonymous said...

What a fun trip down memory lane. Thanks for sharing! You have such cute kids! You are so brave you would have to pay me 1000.00 or more to sit on that gator!

Sadie said...

Where is that castle?? My mom lives about 30 min from Muskogee....looked like an interesting place to visit.

Happy New Year!!

lara said...

It's right in Muskogee. Just look for the big billboards! The festival is during the month of May.