Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Newest Addition To Our Family...

We just inherted my sister's cat MeYolkie! I don't care for the name but the kids don't want to change it. For the past week she has been slowly getting use to the kids and new envirnment. She will only stay downstairs which is fine with me. Leroy is claiming the cat is giving him a headache and wants to get rid of it. I have to disagree. It stays downstairs. We might have to move it outside to the sunroom.

Logan loves the cat. The cat is great at keeping him entertian. Several times, I asked my hubby where are all the kids. Sure enought they were all downstairs playing with the new cat. Important note: pets keep kids busy!

Logan wanted to know when the cat was going to have kittens. I tried to explain that the cat was fixed and what be having any kittens. He still didn't get it. He wanted to know how a cat gets kittens. I quickly changed the subject. The little guy is great with the cat. They are going to be best friends.

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teachingtinytots said...

what a cute kitty! did you get my email?