Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Advent Day 3

The kids are really enjoying this advent project. Landon unwrapped book #3 called "Snowbaby Could Not Sleep" by Kara LaReau. A cute book about a snowbaby that couldn't fall asleep. The snowbaby is constantly trying to put off going to sleep by asking for ice cold water and more songs at night. Sounds very fimilair around our house.

So, for the craft idea. We ended up glueing cottonballs onto a piece of paper to make the snowball blanket the Snowbaby sleeps under. You can see the blanket on the cover of the book. My oldest son is a perfectionist you can clearly see it on his paper. My other son is more like me and just kinda throws the cotton balls all over his page with no rhime or reason. Landon is very detial and careful.

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