Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Teaching Tiny Tots

This weeks toddler theme is the color BLUE!

I came across this book at the local library. I thought I had read all of Leo Lionni books to my kids but somehow missed this great little book. I ended up reading to them "Little blue and little yellow" by Leo Lionni. I must say he is one of my all time favorite children's authors. I never get tired of reading his books to my kids.

Leah and Logan loved learning all about how yellow and blue make GREEN! Leah kept stopping me during the reading and asking me "what's this" color? She was really into this book.

So, I decided to take two sandwich baggies and mix blue and yellow. The kids loved it. The were so excited to see the colors turn into green. We ended up doing yellow and red which turned into Orange. I finished up the activity by having the kids paint out of there bags onto paper.

Another great Art Lesson and Toddler challegne.


teachingtinytots said...

fun! i so wish our library had that book! added your link thanks!

Katey said...

I like the blue/yellow in a baggie idea? I would like to post a link to this post on my blog along with a picture. Could you email me to let me know if that would be alright with you?

kmagill1212 (at) gmail (dot)com