Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa Stopped By Last Night

Last night, after putting the kids to bed. Santa stopped by our house. We just finished tucking in all the kids to bed. It was around 8:00pm and we heard the doorbell ring. We all thought it was Uncle Frank. So, we all went to open the door only to be surprised to see Santa. I was in complete shock. I said something really lame. I closed the door in disbelief. I'm not sure if it was from someone church or a neighboor but it totally made my day. So, the kids got up this morning and I told them Santa stopped last night. They couldn't believe either. They were so excited to see the gingerbread house and coloring books. Logan wants to maket he gingerbread house right now. So, I just wanted to thank who ever the person was that dropped by last night. I couldn't even sleep last night. I still have no clue who it was but it was awesome.

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rainbowmummy said...

ohmigosh I think it might have actually been santa ;0). That is so totally awesome!!