Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tanyard Creek-Winter Time

It's almost the end of December and the weather decided to warm up to the low 70's. I decided it would be a good time to check out Tanyard Creek during the winter time. For the past year, I have taken the kids to tanyard creek to see how different it looks thru out the year. It pretty much looks the same as it does during Fall time. We ended up taking Grandma Nichols, Aunty Barbara, and the boys cousins:Sarah and Frankie. It was cloudy and windy but very warm!!!!!!!!! I can't stand the cold weather so I was more than happy to have warm weather.

Additional information about Tanyard Creek:

Off the beaten path in Bella Vista, Arkansas, below the Windsor Lake Dam, is a beautiful well maintained nature trail, commonly called Tanny Creek Trail. Built by the sweat of thousands of Volunteer hours and financed by thousands of donated dollars, the Tanyard Creek Trail is a beautiful walk through the natural world of Northwest Arkansas.

Incorporating the path of a very old country road and the meanderings of Tanyard Creek, the trail loops lazily up hills and down with long stretches of straight-aways. Most of the trail takes you through 2nd growth Oak/Hickory forest, with some of the trails skirting meadow lands. The beautiful waterfall created by run off of Windsor lake is a favorite resting place with a well placed bench and fenced concrete viewing area. Rapids created by the falls present a wonderful recreation area for more daring adults and children alike who don't mind getting a bit wet.

Signs of wildlife abound if you care to look for them and the deeper pockets of the creek are full of fish of all sizes. Snakes are a common site in the creek (and sometimes sunning themselves beside the paths) but are mostly harmless and not a threat if they are left alone. Contrary to popular belief, water moccasins are not a common snake in Northwest Arkansas and nearly all the snakes you will see in the creek are the harmless northern water snake or the banded water snake.

Sturdy shoes are definitely recommended. The trailhead beings with a wide concrete walk, but this ends when you reach the trail map pictured at the top of the page. The rest of the trail is either wood chipped or natural ground. You'll find many bridged creek crossings, a few that can be crossed using rock stepping stones if you'd rather by-pass the bridge. The length of the trail if walking the regular loop is .8 miles. You can, however, take the longer route stretching out the length of your hike by at least 15 minutes. There is also the meadow dam trail that will add a considerable distance to your hike. For those wanting a real workout, try walking the grassy dam trail to the top of the dam, circle the dam, visit Lake Windsor, and then come back down.

Scores of trail signs identify important places, trees and plants along the way. There are numerous benches placed along the trail for just sitting and reflecting, or resting if the need should arise. Bring a camera, as the opportunity for photos abound. During the week you may find you have much of the trail to yourself. On weekends, however, be prepared to share the beauty with many visitors, especially on Holiday weekends (pictures below were taken on a Saturday of Memorial day weekend)! It's a large winding trail, though, with plenty of room for everyone!

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I will have to check this out when I go back to my moms.