Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Weekly Unplugged Project

This weeks unplug challenged is Weather. I turned out to be good timing becuase we just had our first snowfall for the winter season. The boys had a blast playing outside in the snow. It wasn't a whole lot of snow but they were able to make a couple of snow balls. The snow ended up melting super fast and it didn't last long but we enjoyed it. Yesterday, I decided it would be fun to make blue glitter snowflakes. I couldn't remember how to cut out a snowflake. Thankgoodness for Youtube. I found a nice video and it quickly all came back to me. The little ones enjoyed glittering up their snowflakes. I tried to make a snowflake with Landon but it turned into a huge disaster. Landon being a prefectionist made it nearly impossible. He wanted his snowflake to look just like Logan's snowflake. I tried to tell him no two snowflakes are alike. He ended up destorying every snowflake. I finally told him to go to his room. Oh, I don't know what to do with him half the time. If he can't do something prefectly he just gives up.

So, Logan went outside this morning at 8:00 to observe the weather:
Clouds: none but its sunny!
Windy: yes
Rain/snow: none
Cold/warm: Cold= 30 degrees

Landon tried to scrap off enough snow off the boat to make a snowball.
This is a view from my front window looking outside.
I'm pleasntly surprised he was able to make a small snowball.
Logan wasn't too happy with me taking a picture of him outside exploring the snow. He was trying to find enough snow to make snowball.

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