Friday, November 7, 2008

Can't Wait...

for Landon to get home from school. Every Friday night is Movie Night! I ended up picking up a copy of Mary Poppins. This will be the first time for the kids watching this movie. This is one of my all time favorite movies. Only, more one hour until he gets off the bus. Leroy took this morning off from work to take Logan to the doctor. Poor guy, has an ear infection. He came into our bedroom last night and was complaining about his ears hurting. We didn't take any chances. Leroy took both kids to the doctor. I was really surprised!!! I ended up having an hour to myself before going to my church meeting. It was sooooo nice to have a break from the kids. So, I'm trying to waste some time on the computer. I'm making homemade bread. Its currently rising on the counter. I hope it turns out well. Its so cold outsided. Warm bread with some homemade jelly will be a real treat for the kids.

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