Sunday, November 9, 2008

Notice anything missing?

Yes, you guessed it! My stove/oven is gone! Last night, Leroy decided to clean up the kitchen. I didn't think anything about it. He pulled the Fridge away from the wall to kill spiders and clean under the fridge. I came back later on and discovered the oven was missing. Where did it go? I took outside and its on the front porch. I thought maybe Leroy was planning on power washing it outside. Well, I asked him what happened to the stove/oven. He said "I told him to get rid of the stove like I did with the cable. We can live without cable so I thought we would live without the oven." Very funny...This morning, the phone ranged and it was Lowe's asking if we were going to be home this morning to drop off my new oven. I couldn't believe my hubby did this. I was so shocked. The old stove was barely working. Only the two back burners worked. Leroy said he wanted to get me a new stove for the holidays. He wanted me to have something decent so we could have a nice christmas. I asked him if he bought a stove with glass top. He had a really quilty look on his face. I hate glass top stoves. I'm mean I refuse to cook on one. I had one in college and hated it. They are so hard to cook on and sooooo hard to clean. He said "no". I'm really worried about whether I'm going to like or it. Anything, has to be better than my old stove. Hopefully, they will get here before we have to leave for church. I will post pictures once its installed.

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