Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rainbow Challenge: Part 1

We decided to accept the TeachingTinyTots challenge this week: Rainbows! Logan decided he wanted to wear his Rainbow shirt. Leah didn't want to take part of the activities this week. So, this week we did several fun activities that revolved around the rainbow theme. I was really hoping to do a couple more activities with his little sister. I might try again tomorrow in the morning with her. You all know how difficult it can be with little kids.

One of my favorite memories of living in Hawaii back in my college days were all of the rainbows. Just about everyday, I would come across or see a rainbow. Its turly amazing how many rainbows you can see in one day in Hawaii. I had a roommate that counted 25 rainbows in one day. It seems like its harder to see rainbows here in Arkansas. Also, when I was a little girl I had my room decorated in rainbows. I had one wall with rainbow wallpaper. I really wish I picture so show you ladies! Here are some of the things we did this week.

We started off with mommy school with this great book called "The Rainbow And You" by E.L. Krupp! It was a little bit on the long side for my kids. So, we did end up skipping a couple of pages.

I decided to head over to the Rogers library. The library close to our house is very small with a very limited selection in children's books. We lucked out at the library and were able to get a good selection in books about rainbows.
1. The Magic School Bus- Makes A Rainbow-Not my favorite Magic School Bus book. It's okay!
2. Weaving the Rainbow by George Ella Lyon-Loved this book!
3. The Rainbow Fish and Rainbow Fish To The Rescue! By Marcus Pfister
4. The Rainbow and You! by E.L. Krupp-Factual information on Rainbows-use this book!
5. Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert-My little guy is crazy about seeds so this was the prefect book for him.

We did a couple of activities. I didn't take pictures of all the activities. We painted a rainbow and Logan cut a rainbow to color. I really liked this next activity. All we did is glue fruit loops to the paper to make a rainbow!

The kids ended up with bags full of candy from Halloween. I decided to open up a couple of packages of skittles and use them for a sorting game. After we sorted the skittles, I had him make a rainbow using the skittles. It turned out really cute!

Logan wanted to write his name using skittles. I only took a picture of the first two letters in his name. After that idea, we decided to take inventory of the skittles.

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teachingtinytots said...

great books and activities and a great way to make the halloween candy an educational manipulative!