Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thankful Turkey!

I came across this awesome idea at TeachingTinyTots making this thankful turkey! I suggest other people looking at her site for more instructions on making the turkey. Once we made the turkey, I asked the kids what was missing? It only took a few seconds and they realized it was missing its feathers. I explained we would be adding one feather each day until Thanksgiving. I asked each boy what they were thankful for: Logan "house" and Landon "sun"! Landon asked if being thankful for sun was a good choice. I told him without the sun we would not exist. The sun gives up energy! The kids are soooo excited about this activity. I can't wait for it to be busting with feathers.

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teachingtinytots said...

great turkey! glad you liked it! can't wait to hear what all they are thankful for!