Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'M A NUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bought a large bag of mixed, in the shell, nuts. Logan is crazy about nature and especially nuts and seeds. He was SO excited. I started off by having him us these 3 part cards from Montessori mama website. I just printed them off and laminated them. After, he did the cards. I had him sort all the nuts and we are going to finish off by cracking open all the nuts. Leah picked up the card with the walnuts. She asked me what is it? I told her it was a walnut. She started to say "walla, walla" over and over again. We will be doing this activity over and over again until all the nuts are gone.

Leah had to try to crack open a nut all by herself. She wasn't able to but she definitely gave it a good try. Leah's favorite nut was the almond and Logan's favorite nut was the hazelnut!

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