Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Best Story

It's not too early to get little kids excited about writing their own stories. I absolutely loved this book. After, we were done reading this story. I decided it would be a lot of fun to take turns telling a story. I started the story about two boys walking in the woods. I had everyone at the kitchen take a turn continuing the story about the two boys. The story got wilder with each person. The two boys went to a cave, fought of a monster, explored a cave, and even went to outer space! The boys had so much fun. I decided to take it another step. I had the boys tell me their own stories while I typed it up on the computer. The kids loved it! Landon and Logan both requested copies of their stories to take to their teachers at school.

The best story is one that comes from the heart The library is having a contest for the best story, and the quirky narrator of this story just has to win that roller coaster ride with her favorite author! But what makes a story the best?

Her brother Tim says the best stories have lots of action. Her father thinks the best stories are the funniest. And Aunt Jane tells her the best stories have to make people cry. A story that does all these things doesn’t seem quite right, though, and the one thing the whole family can agree on is that the best story has to be your own.

Anne Wilsdorf’s hilarious illustrations perfectly capture this colorful family and their outrageous stories in Eileen Spinelli’s heartfelt tale about creativity and finding your own voice.


Logan S.

(Logan's oral story typed by Mom)

Once upon a time, there were a big tornado and there was a big rock coming down and another big rock came down. A light bulb came down and it was fire. All of it was fire. A big monster came and it took the earth. The whole planet! A big tornado came and the earth was taking and the world was taken. A bigger monster was as big as Logan. It killed them. The monster and tornado kills them. A tree felled down and killed the monster. It didn't kill the boys. The boys run away from a million trees that had fallen down. A big monster came after the boys and earthquake came! A bigger earthquake came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A volcano caused the earthquake. The boys died! Another monster came and ate them! A big tornado came again. A big fan came down and kept on going. The boys land in the fire and die. They hear a big boom and they get out. The boys go home!

The end.

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