Tuesday, February 24, 2009

St. Patty's Sensory Tub

We just finished making this awesome sensory tub. Check out Teaching Tiny Tots for the directions on how to make your own sensory tub. The only thing I had a problem with was locating those chocolate coin candies. I was hoping to throw a couple of them into the tub. The kids had a blast helping me putting the whole tub together. The kids really thought is was cool we were painting the large lima beans as gold nuggets. I also found the green St. Patty's day cups at walmart for less than one dollar. We are also dying noodles green to add to the tub.

Logan busy painting his gold nuggets.

Leah wasn't to crazy about painting her beans but just had fun painting with the yellow and gold paint.

I finally decided to move the sensory tub outside on the front porch. Leah kept spilling the beans and rices all over the floor. This might need to be an outdoor project from now on....

Another successful activity!!!!!!!!!


banananutmeg said...

Lara-back in october, the gold coin candies were recalled for lead or something...maybe they aren't making them for st patricks day this year because of the whole issue at halloween, and that's why you can't find them. just a thought.

lara said...

I completely forgot about the recall. I'm going to just look for the fake plastic gold coins. thanks.

teachingtinytots said...

glad they liked it! they were recalled but fixed the problem in time for Hanukkah

but with mardi gras you can find plastic gold coins on clearance