Saturday, February 28, 2009

Playdate Fun

A couple of things, I do to help make playdates function better is to start off with a couple of activities. Sometimes, it takes the kids a little while to warm up to each other. Usually, two things will happen at my house. Either kids come over to play and they trash the house looking for things to play or they ended up fighting. I figured out that if you have a couple of easy group activities it seems to help bring all the kids together. Once, we were done with the activities all the kids took off playing and my house wasn't trashed by the end of the playdate. I set up two different activies. I had the kids make their own pasta neckales. Logan and I dyed the pasta the night before so it would be ready for the activity! Now, my daughter has a hard time sharing her toys. She really doesn't have to share her toys with her brothers because they're not into dollys. So, when her little friend Gracie came over to play it can get interesting. Leah really wasn't to happy but Gracie playing with her stuff. So, I pulled out my St. Patty's Sensory Tub! Presto!!!!!!!!! The girls were busy and happily playing together.

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Teaching Heart Mom said...

What a fun playdate. I love the St. Patty's Day Tub Idea. Thanks for sharing it. I think I will try to make one with and hide gold coins for the kids to find.