Saturday, February 28, 2009

Marble Painting Marbles

Marble painting is a popular method of painting for preschool aged children and up. The activity isn't too messy and the results are beautiful and always different.

AGE LEVEL: 2 years and up

MATERIALS NEEDED:1. Cardboard box, with sides approximately 4 inches high. A copy paper box lid is perfect, but any other box would work great too. 2. Paint, 3-4 colors is preferred 3. Spoon 4. 1-3 marbles for each color of paint 5. Paper -- just about any kind of paper will work, however, it works best with paper that is thicker than traditional copy paper.

SET UPTo protect your workspace, cover it with newspaper. Place a smock or old shirt on each child that will be participating in this activity. Place each color of paint on its own plate, and then put 1-3 marbles in each color of paint. Put one spoon into each color of paint.

PROCEDUREPlace a piece of paper in the bottom of the box. The better your paper fits the better. Have the child scoop the marbles out of each color and place them into the paper lined box. Next, have the child shake the box from side to side and tilt it up and down, creating a motion that has the marbles rolling all over the paper.
After the marble have distributed the paint on the paper, you will see a colorful display of lines and designs. Remove the marbles from the paper and place them back on the paint plates so that they are ready for the next child. Remove paper from box and allow to dry completely.
Marble painted artworks looks great on your refrigerator or bulletin board, but it can also be used for other purposes such as book covers or wrapping paper. Be creative!


jennwa said...

We just did this is my preschool class. They loved it. It is so easy for little hands and it creates great works of art.

Thanks for sharing.

Amber said...

Oh, yes! This is always a hit with us. We did marble hearts for Valentines day. Guess we will do shamrocks and green paint for St Patrick's day. I have a gray, black and white marble painting the boy I watch made for me awhile ago hanging in my living room. :)

lara said...

Yes, I never thought of doing shamrocks with green paint. Thanks, for the ideas!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lara, I've done this before in my class. The kids loved it!! Also used matchbox cars.