Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring is Almost Here!

The crocuses is the earliest spring flower to bloom. For the past couple of weeks. I have been wondering when my crocuses would start to bloom. I couldn't remember where I had planted them. So, the other day while outside. I saw just a tip of this yellow crocuses in the front flowerbed. Logan and I raked all the leaves out of the flower bed and decided it's time to start getting ready for spring. Another thing about the crocuses...My mom had a bunch of crocuses planted right outside our family room window. I use to love to look out the window and see the crocuses coming up in the snow. So, the crocuses is really special to me becuase it reminds me of home.

Yellow Crocuses

Logan and Leah were busy digging for worms. Yes, worms. Leah especially loved holding them. She isn't a prissy type of girl. She's all rough and tough!
I picked up this set at Walmart. It's made by Jiffy-Seed Starting kit!

I don't really now what I was thinking by letting the kids help me with this project. Next time, I need to make a mental note to do this outside. The whole table top and floor was covered in dirt at the end. The boys did a really good job filling up all the trays with dirt but they lost interest when it came to planting the seeds. I finally had to pop in a dvd so I could finish up this project!

Finish product!!!!!!!!!!!! We ended up planting a whole flat of flowers and veggies. This year I'm going to try to grow my whole garden out of self watering gardening containers. I'm not sure if the seeds will sprout but that's the chance were taking.


banananutmeg said...

WOW is it time to start seeds already? I want to do this, I'd better get crackin'! I've never done seeds before. I hope it works.

lara said...

Yes, the time is now to start your seeds. I'm not sure if its going to work. I had the kids help me. If not I will just go to walmart and buy plants.

Anonymous said...

we are doing ours March 17th since my oldest will be home that day!

Anonymous said...

Super cute adn I am sure you will make a mental note :0