Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I decided to try on a pair of my old size 8 jeans. I tried them on about two weeks ago and they didn't fit. I decided to give it one more try. The pants fit! They are tight but I finally was able to zip them up! Yes, my hard work is starting to pay off. I'm so excited! If I just lose a couple more pounds. I'm going to buy myself a whole new wardrobe.


Emily Larkin said...

That is wonderful! I am so proud of you. Good job on all the hard work. I want to go shopping with you when you're ready for the new wardrobe. (so I can live vicariously through you!)

lara said...

Ya, we can go shopping together. I hate to shop! I still can't believe I fit into a size 8!

banananutmeg said...

You are looking fantastic! I know I keep telling you that, but really, you look good.

Amber said...

Congrats! I am still waiting for my all new wardrobe. I need more willpower. :(

All that matters is that they zip! Woo hoo!