Monday, February 16, 2009


One of my goals for the week was to make my own soap. I decided to start off by using a soap making kit that I bought at Hobby Lobby! I really want to make Goats milk soap but that's a lot more involved and I'm really impatient! So, I pulled everything out of the kit and got busy. I wouldn't wait to put Leah down for a nap so I could make my soap bars.
I ended up using Lilac fragrance to give my bars a really nice smell. I really don't like smelly things. I just used a little bit of fragrance to give the bars a nice simple smell! Nothing overpowering! The whole process took less than one hour from start up to clean up!
As, soon as these bars were done. I ended up running over to my neighbors to show her my bars. I gave her one as a nice gift for watching my kids this morning so I could clean up my house. I think these bars will make for really nice gifts for friends and family members!
Seriously, I'm so proud of myself. I can't wait to go back to Hobby Lobby to pick up some more glycerin soap to make some more soap bars. Totally addicting hobby!


Pepe's Squeeze aka Missie Keller said...

Cute! Great job!

CM said...

That is some pretty, pretty confetti soap!

I'm wondering if a person could just get glycerin soap at the dollar store and use it in place of the hobby lobby more pricey stuff?

lara said...

I don't know but that's a good suggestion! I was going to use my 40 percent off coupon to pick up some for glycerin soap! I might go had and try to melt some glycerin soap and see if it can be remolded into soap!

Theresa ♥ said...

Very pretty!