Monday, February 9, 2009

A Zillion Valentines

Too bad this book is currently out of print! I love this book. We ended up reading it this morning for school time. The kids could not get enough of it! Logan was super excited about the idea of making his own valentines!

This came from Amazon: Product description: When Marvin shows Milton how to make valentines, they decide to make one for each person in their neighborhood!

We ended up making our very own valentine's and we made valentine day crowns!

Look who's ready for fun!

Doesn't she just have the most beautiful smile!
Leah's made this card all by herself! If you look closely you will notice a dot and a purple heart sticker on top of the dot! She's very good with details. Look at the crown she made she did the same thing. She would make a dot with the dot marker and place a heart foam sticker on top of it. It was really cute of her.

Logan was able to write the first two letters of his name and I helped him with the rest of the letters. What a silly guy!!!!

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