Saturday, February 28, 2009

The weather is so confusing...

One day the weather is warm and nice. The next day is cold and snowy! I can't seem to figure out the weather around here. Just the other day, I was outside working on my flower beds and today I'm stuck inside doing nothing. I could clean up but that's so boring. I much prefer to be outside. This morning, Landon discovered it had snowed last night. I was very surprised. I didn't realize it was even going to snow. The snow has been lightly snowing all day long. Leroy went this morning to his concealed weapon class. I'm not really sure why he needs to carry a concealed weapon but that's another discussion. He thought it was quite fun to be outside in the snow shooting his gun. The boys thought it was especially funny. I ended up taking a couple of pictures of the snow and of the kids enjoying hopefully the last little bit of winter can't wait for SPRING!!!!!!!! I caught Logan outside trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue.

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