Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spooning Activity

Our latest school tray is this fun spooning and pouring activity!

This was a first time for the kids. I decided to go ahead and purchase a couple of bags of lentils for this fun activity.

Leah did a really good job transferring the beans from one jar to another! Also, I let the kids practice pouring the beans from these cute little ceramic pitchers into the creamer bowl.
I really wish had haven't even try this activity. The kids somehow managed to spill most of the lentils on the floor:( Okay, I wasn't watching them too closely mostly my fault. Anyhoo, lots of fun and inexpensive activity. Really good for developing those fine motor skills. The kids really enjoyed touching and feeling the beans. When Logan first saw the beans he asked me if we were going to make peanut butter? I'm like "no" these are lentils not peanuts. So, I guess, I might need to look up how to make your own peanut butter for a future lesson/project! I even caught him eating a couple of the lentils. Gross!!!!!


MoziEsmé said...

Looks like fun! Though I can imagine the mess...

Sadie said...

We had lentils out for a bit, it was messier than other items....I would recommend beans- black/pinto etc... not quite as messy. may want to look for a different spoon. Plain tableware isn't very deep....I used our gravy ladle and it worked great...even a tablespoon measuring spoon that is deep may be better.

I love your felt food by the way...I have wanted to try it but we have so many pets....anything felt or fleece is hair magnet!

lara said...

Ya, i'm thinking about getting rid of the lentils and going back to pinto beans. They're such a pain to clean up!

Amber said...

We still have to try spooning activities. I found a big bag of different seeds/beans/etc at the thrift store for around a buck!

The little boy I Nanny for loves to say "It's OK if we make a mess, right? You like messes." While I don't really "like" messes per se, I like playing and learning better than worrying about making a mess. :)

PS: Thanks for all the comments you've made over on my blog. I really appreciate it. :)