Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Burr! It's Cold Outside

After, story time at the library. I decided to stop by one of the local flea markets. I ended up picking up a ton of cute stuff for school time. I don't know why I didn't think about going to flea markets before. I picked up new puzzles, plastic horses, really cute cooper animal cookie cutters, and tons of plastic animals.
Due to all the cold weather. I decided to go ahead and use the polar bears to make this neat activity tray. I just used a couple of ice cubes and set the polar bears into a little tray. Leah loved it. She was really surprised how cold the ice cubes made her hands feel. I'm going to eventually make a little igloo house to go with this activity! Also, I will probably make a couple of little icebergs to go with the polar bears! If I'm really brave, I might go ahead and add water for the polar bears to swim in!

After, I took this picture of Leah. I decided to jog on my treadmill. While working out, I notice we still had ice on the back porch! Logan and I went out back and brought several pieces of ice inside. I dyed the water blue and we placed the icebergs in glass containers. Logan loved it. He

wanted the polar bears to eat fish but all I had was plastic turtles. As soon as the ice melted we ran back outside and grabbed some more. Totally fun!!!!!!!!

Polar Bear Slideshow!!!

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